Our Services

At Material Solutions we’re not your vendor… We’re the newest department in your company. Responsible for all your material handling needs. For a full list of our services please scroll down!

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Rent, Buy, Or Sell Material Handling Equipment

  • Rent equipment with maintenance plans included.
  • Purchase equipment with lease-to-own and trade-in options. Sold to meet your specific goals and budget.
  • Get money for equipment you no longer want.

Repairs, Maintenance, & Parts

  • Full and scheduled maintenance contracts available.
  • Technician vans are stocked with parts to perform maintenance on site.
  • Fleet management records ensure technician vans are stocked with the right parts specific to the clients fleet.
  • Shop maintenance allows us to fully recondition client trucks at our location as an alternative to replacement.

OSHA Forklift Operator Certification & Safety Training

  • Training is done at the customer location.
  • Operators receive license upon completion of training.

Wire Guidance & Racking

  • Wire guidance system installation includes cutting, laying wire, and connection to line driver.
  • We provide troubleshooting and repair to existing wire guidance systems.
  • Our industry partners help us provide warehouse racking, setup, and installation.